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Dear delegates,

As the Secretary-General of IIT Guwahati Model United Nations, Edition X, I couldn’t be more honoured to welcome you all on behalf of my passionate team to our most ambitious conference yet. Every year, we endeavour to provide a simulated learning platform to like-minded folks with a zealous passion for debating, international diplomacy as well as political dialogue and deliberative problem-solving. Industry, diligence and perseverance are virtues that we at the secretariat deem as cornerstones of our organization.

The contemporary world scenario has been dominated by disruptions, both positive and negative. While the former can serve as a driving force for the global growth engine, dealing with the latter requires meticulous planning and deliberation. As a proponent of this thought, we have handpicked four agendas for this winter and set the floor for discussion on the same, namely:- “Addressing power disparity in the World Trade Organisation: structural reform and policy revision”, “Secession of the UK from the European Union: trade, border policy and immigration”, ”Amendment to the transgender rights bill: empowerment, anti-discrimination and gender dysphoria”, and “Safeguarding privacy in the era of mass surveillance.”

The three days spent here will not only elevate us on a personal level but will also forge bonds and friendships that last a lifetime. So, learn, interact and join the confluence of minds that is IIT Guwahati Model United Nations.

Tejal Agarwal
IIT Guwahati Model United Nations
Edition X

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"It's a really amazing platform to learn not only about the affairs of the world but also about how to articulate your thoughts and put them into words."

-Vishwaprasanna Hariharan
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"Yes, the IITG MUN has amazing discussions, but the best part of this MUN has to be the people. We are united by the strongest bond of common interests. Continuous open dialogue with people we only know by country names during the conference and the supportive MUN community is, by far, its most beautiful part."

-Ariktha Srivathsan
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"A Great platform to gain knowledge about the way things are being operated in the real world and to discuss its pros and cons"

-Sudhanshu Bhatia
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