The featured council of Edition X, this is the stage for the bigs. Introduced with this edition, the featured committee rakes in the brass of substantial debate in and around the circuit and pits them up against one another to heave it out in the most politically technical, lobbying intensive and inherently exciting debate. Such a committe wouldn't just be for one to participate in, it is worth spectating. Therefore developments in the council shall be streamed to the public and updates given to the other councils, while in action. Committee X calls for the most confident of orators and negotiators. Hence, the decoupled application procedure. Please note, only applicants with due experience in debate (primarily in UN simulations, secondarily elsewhere) shall be considered.


Trade is significant in the evolution of the humanity as a medium for exchange of not only commodities but also ideas. With the onset of modern era the scale of trade has experienced a drastic leap in terms of volumes. Moreover the need of regulations in the trade market in order to keep the playing field suitable for all has never been this high. With this objective WTO was established back in 1995 and with time it became integral part of world trade regulating nearly all of the worlds trade. But now it faces challenges that jeopardizes the very existence of the WTO and there is immediate need to bring reforms that constructively counter balances this menace.

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